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SSK Summer Camp 2015

The yearly Kendo training camp will be held in July this year, if any SSK members would like to join please apply asap, since the camp site arrangements have to be confirmed in advance, the deadline of training camp application will be on 22 Apr, thanks for your kind attention. Below is the training camp details:

Date: 11-12/7 (Sat to Sun)
Venue: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp (http://otc.hkfyg.org.hk/templates/otc/default2.aspx)
Fee: $530 per head
Paying method: 1.) Pay to Kate or Jacky in SSK practice time; 2.) debit the amount to Hang Sang Bank account: 246127104668 and take a copy of the receipt to send to Kate
Fee includes: Accommodation, training site, all meals in camp
No. of places: 52 people (If application exceeds the maximum number, we will review and check with the camp site if there are any further dormitories for rental)

Moreover, same as last year we will arrange a coach to take all members go to and from the camp site, the details and fare arrangements will be announced soon, please aware of the page announcement closely.

For any enquirers, please feel free to contact Kate or Jacky.


The 17th Trophy cup competition- Video and Photo Sharing

The 17th Trophy cup competition has successfully held last month, on 18th January. SSK has obtained a great performance in the competition, two of our team members got the Fighting Spirit Award, and the Champion went to SSK Team B, congratulations to the winners! Attached are the prize presentation photos and also the link of each SSK team matches. With the experience of this competition, hope all of us can know ourself better, no matter our strength or weakness, and have better practice and performance in the upcoming tournaments.

Video: https://docs.google.com/folderview?id=0Byp3-uoWQM4uZHp3Y3Q0TEJ2akU&usp=docslist_api





Guanzhou Zhixin Kendo Club Hong Kong Visit

Last friday (28 Nov), Guanzhou Zhixin Kendo Club’s members had visted our dojo in Baptist University for practice and exchange. Lai sensei was there to provide guidance to all attendants. On the other hand, that was the last night of practice in the 1st semester of Baptist University dojo, examination period is following then. Wish all baptist university members fighting hard, Ganbatte!!









The Red Summer – 2014 Training Camp

In the summer of 2014, SSK has re-organized a tradiational training camp that was held many years ago. SSK hope to let our members have a different practice experience throught this training camp, as in the two days training in the camp, unlike the few hours practice in usual days,  members’ living is totally immersed in Kendo’s atmosphere. Through this activity we hope to let our members build up better inter-relationship and team spirit , and enable them to be more engaged in practice and competitions. Besides adult members, there are also children members joining the camp and some of their parents are also our dojo members!

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